Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shun confrontationist approach over Lokpal

The UPA Government and the Team Anna should shun confrontationist approach over making of historic Lokpal to fight the cancerous corruption. Team Anna must remain apolitical and Government must act with sincerity and open mind over Lokpal. Otherwise both will have to face the consequences as the nation watches them silently.
The contentious Lokpal Bill drafted by the UPA government is to be introduced in Parliament. It is not the same Lokpal as suggested by anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare and his team. It may not be as effective as they want. But government is to think over every clause and provision and its pros and cons before incorporating in the Lokpal Bill. It is common sense that Parliament is supreme in making any law in Parliamentary democracy and it can not be dictated by any individual or a group of individuals. The government has to be accountable to the people.
Anna Hazare wanted CBI and Prime Minister to be under the ambit of Lokpal in totality. While government drafted Lokpal Bill to be presented before the Parliament has put Prime Minister under Lokpal with some riders as safeguard motive. CBI has remained under the actual control of the government with minor technalities in the appointment process of its Director.
Anna Hazare has rejected the Lokpal outright and announced of holding three-day fast and protest in Mumbai and there after he would start Jail Bharo Abhiyan along with his followers and supporters all over the country against the government proposed Lokpal.
It is a well-accepted fact that corruption is rampant at all levels of the government departments and that need to be checked with appropriate mechanism like Lokpal. It is also true that all credit goes to Anna Hazare and his team to galvanize the nation against corruption that has compelled the government to draft and introduce Lokpal Bill, that may not be the same as Anna wants, in Parliament.
Anna Hazare and his team represent a group of civil society. There are several other groups of civil society who have different approach, view and mechanism of Lokpal Bill. The government has to assimilate all shades of opinions while drafting Lokpal. Anna Hazare has every right in democracy to reject it and mobilize the nation against it. He is also free to undertake fast and protest but at the same time no body can dictate the government nor impose his will on Parliament. It is only the people who can throw out the government by expressing their will against it through proper way. That is by voting against it in the elections.
It would be better for the success of Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption if he had shown patience and watched how the elected MPs react during discussions and debate over Lokpal. Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption has of late also reeks of politics if the support of the main opposition Party Bhartiya Janata Party to his campaign outside the Parliament is any thing to go by. He must not allow any political party to take political advantage from his campaign against corruption as all political parties are of chameleon colour and indulge in competitive corruption. Let the government and the Parliament take their view on Lokpal and react to them after in the appropriate democratic and peaceful manner. No single view prevails in democracy.

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