Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pak Govt and military on collision course

The democratically elected government of Pakistan and its military are on collision course with each other. Though it has been the tradition of Pakistan since it was carved out from India that its military establishment has always played a dominant role in the affairs of the nation, this time democratically elected President Asif Zardari and prime minister Yusouf Raza Gilani are asserting and even trying to seek US help in restraining the army. They appear to be not prepared to play subservient role in managing the affairs of the nation.
The relationship between the two closest allies America and Pakistan has come under strain after the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abottabad near Karachi in Pakistan where he was hiding with the help of military. The equation between the government and the military deteriorated sharply over the memogate scandal. It was reported that a missive sent to US through its envoy there by Pak President Asif Zardari to clip the wings of military and thwart any attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government through coup.
Military coup is not new to Pakistan. It has been under military dictatorship for more than half years of its existence and democracy has never been allowed to take root. Pakistani military establishment, its ISI and the jihadi forces in the country are not liking to be close to US. As military and fundamental forces have their strong say there, they put pressure on government to remove its envoy to US Haqqani for handing over missive to US administration. President Zardari had to dismiss his envoy to US.The stability there appears to be fragile.
Prime Minister Yusouf Raza Gilani has asserted in Parliament that there is no threat to the government and judiciary has also spoken against any attempt to usurp the democratically elected government. There is also a rumour that the government is planning to relieve both Pak military chief Pervez Kayani and ISI boss Pasha of their duties. But prime Minister Gilani has refuted that there is no such move. Both are on extended term.
But one thing is certain that the relation with the US may have come under enormous strain, there can be no change of power forcibly in Pakistan without the consent of the US. It is still Pak’s mentor, no matter how close China is coming to it. It is the US which would only bail out Pakistan of financial mess.
India has been always in the favour of democratically elected government in its neighbourhood. Stable and
democratically elected government in Pakistan is in the interest of India.

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