Friday, December 2, 2011

China is posing as big brother

China has always been posing itself as big brother in Asia. It also tries to impose its way in the region on the basis of its large status in every field. It treats India as its rival because of its fast development and economic growth.

India’s progress and emergence on the international stage is an eye-sore to China. But India in all realities does not challenge China unless and until it is deliberately poked and provoked. From the very beginning, China has been instigating India’s neighbour to create problem with it so that its fast development and progress could face trouble. It instigates Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar against India by creating the impression among them that it is trying to establish its hegemony and behave like big brother in the region.

It is China's strategy to antagonize the neighbours of India against it. China is helping India’s traditional hostile neighbour Pakistan with military training and weapons. China has provided n-tech and has recently been reported that over Chinese 4000 military personnel have been deputed in Pakistan in the name of help building its infrastructural development in different fields.

China has itself committed border violation with India, and to make the matter worse it puts its claims on territory in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim time to time. This is really a cause of concern for India. India has a border dispute with China. India always desires to solve border dispute with China amicably. But China has altogether a different design of over lordship on India. That is impossible and China also must not be in any illusion that it can re-enact 1962 war with India in the given scenario.

On the invitation of Viatnam, India has sent its contingent of personnel for oil exploration in South China Sea. This has taken by China as serious matter because it has not good neighbourly relation with it. It has lodged its displeasure with India at Bali Asean summit in Indonesia.

So, China deserves to be treated on equal footing. India too should befriend China’s neighbours considered to be displeased with it because of its high-handed behaviour. India is committed to peace and amity and forging friendship with all its neighbours but if its ego is hurt without any rhyme or reason, it must retaliate in the same measure either diplomatically or through expression in words.

In which capacity Chinese consulate asked India to ensure the Governor and Chief Minister West Bengal not to attend the function in which Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama was to deliver his speech. Why India would cancel the Buddhist congregation in New Delhi on the desire of China. India has given asylum to Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. He is free here for his spiritual activities. India has neither instigated him ever to promote anti-china activity nor have ever urged China to free Tibet, which has been kept under Chinese control on the ground of its military strength. It is the use of force against the Tibetans for the liberation of Tibet that forced Dalai Lama to cross over to India and seek asylum in 1959. India has done right by rebuffing China and going ahead with Buddhist congregation.

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