Saturday, December 31, 2011

Midnight murder of Lokpal Bill

Congress-led UPA Govt holds BJP responsible for stalemate over Lokpal Bill in RS while the BJP charges Congress of choreographing the stalemate over it. But the matter of the fact is that no MP wanted at heart that the Lokpal Bill to be passed. That is why it met its nemesis. Congress and BJP are holding drama of opposing each other on the issue. In reality, neither the Congress nor the BJP wants the anti-graft Lokpal Bill to be passed. They do not want a body over them to look into their corruption charges. If BJP wanted the Lokpal, why did it not support the Bill drafted by Team Anna in entirety. Why do they oppose Lokyukta provision on the model of the Lokpal by saying it is against the federal character of our Constitution? It nothing but its excuse. One thing also must be considered that why was it not passed despite having been introduced in Parliament for 8 times in the last 42 years and did not see the light of the day? Because the political class does not want it.Though corruption has increased in all spheres of lives, it has crossed all limits by the political class. That is why political leaders are in the eyes of the people to be most corrupt, though few among them are above it.
Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Bansal has denied the opposition’s charges that the stalemate in Rajya Sabha over Lokpal bill was choreographed by the government and has said that mainly the BJP was responsible for the Bill not being passed in RS. It is also alleged that disruptions in the RS proceedings was stage managed by the ruling Congress party through Lalu’s RJD as MP Rajniti Prasad snatched the copy of the Bill from the minister and tore it. The tearing down of the Lokpal Bill by the MP is reminiscent of treatment to Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament by some MPs. So this is not new.
People have seen through the motives of political parties in regard to Lokpal Bill. The Minister is of the opinion that even if the Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha with amendments it had to be sent to Lok Sabha again.He said that no decision has been taken over a Joint Parliamentary session for the Lokpal Bill.The Minister has also asserted that the Lokpal Bill will again be presented in Rajya Sabha during budget session.
From the very beginning it appeared that neither the Congress-led UPA nor the opposition parties was interested in passing the Lokpall Bill. RJD boss Lalu Prasad openly admitted that Lokpal would prove to be a noose around the neck of MPs. Though he may have said in lighter vein, it was the essence of the feeling of all MPs irrespective of their party affiliations. This is the reason that this bill has been hanging in balance for more than four decades. MPs would never like to be monitored by anyone outside the Parliament.
It is correct that Parliament must not be dictated by nominated individuals in Parliamentary democracy. Parliament is supreme. Inside the Parliament, MPs’ behaviour must not be monitored by the individual from outside. The ruling Congress Party must show sincerity by recommending the President for calling Joint Session of Parliament and get the Lokpal Bill passed in whichever shape and size it has been presented. Final judgment on the merit and demerit of the Bill will be given by the people in 2014 general elections of Lok Sabha.

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