Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UP CM’s political gambit

UP Chief Minister Matawati has played a political gambit at the approach of assembly elections. To give the message to the people that she is concerned with the issue of development, Mayawati’s BSP government has given Cabinet approval for the division of UP into 4 states.

The Cabinet approval given to the division of the state of Uttar Pradesh into four states- Paschim Pradesh, Purvanchal, Awadh Pradesh and Bundel Khand- is nothing but a political ploy to distract the attention of the people from corruption and crime, which has gone all-time high during regime.

UP assembly election is going to be held early next year. Chief Minister Mayawati feels that this time it will be well-nigh impossible for her to secure majority on her own. So, by dividing the states, she would be able to secure majority on her own at least in one state on the strength of her Dalit vote bank.

UP Chief Minister Mayawat’s politics has always been based on division. First, she succeeded in dividing society caste-wise to polarize the Dalit votes and attracted the upper caste Bramins in her favour and secured majority on her own in the last assembly elections and formed the BSP government with herself at the helms of affairs. She has been in power for four and half years without and formidable opposition from any sides. Her government initiated no developmental projects except the projects of building statues and memorials of Dalit icons at the expense of public money worth crores of rupees. She did it for self-political aggrandizement.

Mayawati has only tried to give the impression through the statues and memorials only to her Dalit voters that she is their only messiah. But when it has become apparent from the mal-functioning and mal-practices of her government that she has nothing to do with the upliftment and other weaker sections of society, she has taken a political gambit by giving a lollypop in the form of dividing the state for development in the hands of the people of Uttar Pradesh.

By playing the game of dividing the state, she has herself admitted the failure of her government. From administrative point of view, the concept of smaller states may be justified but if we take into consideration the development of the latest formed smaller states- Jharkhand, Chattishgarh and Uttarakhand- no miraculous development has been experienced. There has only been rise in corruption and favourtism.

If the political leadership of big states had administered well and kept an eye on the all round development of every region, the necessity of carving out smaller states would not have arisen. If Mayawati is so serious, what was she doing in the first four years? She is nothing to do with the development of the state but only to keep the CM chair secured for herself.

Mayawati’s several ministers and MLAs have been charged with committing crimes. She has only been engaged in portraying herself as the Czarina of Dalits during her tenure. If she is now so concerned with the development of the state, why did she spend crores of public money on building statues and memorials instead on the development of Uttar Pradesh.

UP is the heart of India. It chiefly decides the power in Delhi. Samajwadi Party has rightly rejected outright the UP CM’s proposal for dividing the states into 4. Congress and BJP despite being the main national political parties give no clear view except opposing for the present. This is also the irony that these two political parties are at No. 3 and 4 in the most important state of the nation, which sends 80 Lok Sabha members. UP CM Mayawati finds it difficult to face the people as she has failed on all fronts. She has squandered the opportunity of developing the Hindi heartland of the nation and spent public exchquer on self-aggrandizement.

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