Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An unintended tragedy

The NATO has tendered its apology to Pakistan for the incident in which 25 Pakistani soldiers were killed in an US air attack on Pak military post in the adjoining hilly terrain of Afghanistan border. They have also described the incident as unintended. This is not the first time that the Pakistani soldiers have been killed in the hard terrain close to Afghan border in US air attack. The Nato fighter plans are in pursuit of militants and Taliban in Afghanistan and during this exercise they cross border while chasing them. So, this incident should be treated as normal and unintended

Insurgents and Taliban find the hilly terrain in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan a safe haven. They even operate from there against Afghanistan and multi-national forces. The killing of Pakistani soldiers is a case of mistaken identity. And Pakistan has to realize that. At the same, Pakistan also can not deny that the Taliban from Afghanistan have not taken shelter there after the killing of world’s most wanted and dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden by the US military personnel in Abbotabad near Karachi. Though NATO fighter planes must not undertake cross-border attack as this act also leads to the violation of the sovereignty of an independent nation, the military exercise operating in the neighborhood might inadvertently be misdirected mistakenly.

Neighbours must show co-operation in military exercise against insurgents, militants and Taliban because they are the enemy of not only a particular nation but also of the entire humanity. Terror is a threat to entire world.

As far as the killing of Pakistani soldiers in US strike is concerned, it must be ignored because apology has already been tendered and it is also clear from the location of the spot of the incident that it was done inadvertently.

Pakistan has not the guts to dare the US. If the US stopped giving adequate financial package, which it gives from time to time, it would be forced to face acute financial crisis beyond imagination. Because Pakistan never used the US aid to the purpose it was given. It diverted the money only to strengthen its military might. It never used US money for industrialization and other developmental projects. That is why it remained dependent on the US for financial assistance.

China has also come closer to Pakistan but when the question of financial needs arise in Pak ,only the US can do the job. China can only provide Pakistan nuclear technology in making nuclear weapons on large scale to scare India. So US has been the savior of Pakistan. It can not be challenged in reality.

US military has its base in Pakistan since September 2010. The area along Afghan-Pakistan is terror zone of the south Asia region. So, it is necessary to clear the area of terrorists. But it can not be possible without Pakistan agreeing to the entry of foreign military fighter planes for fighting terror elements to finish. It must be done with utmost care and it must ensure that there is no civilian casualty in the area. Pakistan should forgive the US for undertaking air strike in its territory inadvertently.

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