Wednesday, November 23, 2011

United Opposition must mount pressure

When the ruling UPA has failed completely in checking food inflation and price rise of all essential commodities in two years, Opposition parties have been left with no option but to paralyze the Parliament to bring its attention towards bringing down the prices.

There have been debate and discussions under the provisions, which entail no voting, but no solution came out of them. UPA-II government kept assuring the entire opposition as well as the nation since it came to power in 2009 that it would bring down inflation in two to three months. This kind of promise was made umpteen times but instead of bringing down prices, the Government has played contributory role in rising them in the form of lethargy, insensitivity to people’s concerns, callous negligence, inaction and faulty economic policy.

With the fast devaluation of rupees against dollar, the price rise is bound to go up and up. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is a world renowned economist. Naturally, it is expected that he would also be well-versed in Indian economy. Not only Prime Minister, Finance Minister is himself an economist of repute and a veteran politician with his feet on the ground and the Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia is also an economist but the performance of the government on the front of price rise is a total failure and on this count it does not deserve to be in power any more.

Why there should not be adjournment motion on the issue of price rise under the rule which entails voting. Where is the question of secular and communal divide on the issue of price rise and corruption? Food inflation has hit the poor people hard irrespective of caste, creed and community. If the communist party has moved motion on price rise in Parliament, why should BJP not support it? If the BJP moves motion on corruption, why should left not support it? It is the tactics of the UPA government to create ideological division to hide its utter failure.

The poor people in rural villages and cities are crying in pain caused by the unbridled price rise. It appears in the current situation as if there were no government at the Centre. Dr. Manmohan Singh has lost the authority to rule the country. Either Prime Minister has no control on his government or his economic policy is totally misfit with the economy of the country. Market friendly economic policy is bound to fail in India.

The situation in the country due to sky-rocketing price of all commodities has come to such a stage as may force people to come out on streets against Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government. The price rise has hit the people so hard that even the impassioned appeal of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi MP to the people of UP in coming assembly elections to vote for Congress is bound to make no impact due to the utter failure of Congress-led Dr. Manmohan Singh government on price rise front.

The entire opposition across ideology must stand united and compel the UPA-II to debate and discuss the price rise issue under the provision which entails voting. As the issue touches all sections of society, even some of the Congress MPs might go against the government. Opposition must not allow themselves to be blackmailed by the Government version that if it fell in Lok Sabha due to voting, mid-term election would be forced on the nation. Heaven would not fall if the mid term election takes place. Instead, people would take a sigh of relief from the total mismanagement of economic affairs by the UPA-II government.

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