Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FI - A Sport of neo-rich

FI may be popular all over the world. But essentially it is the sport of neo-rich. It can not be popular in the developing country like India and other Asian countries. India may be an emergent economy but it can not afford to provide the facility and accessory required for FI, though it has started with a bang here.

FI has been organized in India with immense success. Except the high middle and higher class of Indians, very few know about this motor sports. It is virtually European sport. As the economic condition of Europe has been in mess for a long time, this FI sport endeavors to enter the emergent economic Asian power. India is undoubtedly an emerging economic power, at least outwardly.

So, some corporate giants invested their money to make arrangement for holding FI sport. Their main motive is to earn money, and not in any way to promote sports here. They had demanded tax relief from the Government of India. But the Union Sports ministry did not consider their demand, though it gives such relief to other sports. It is a right step not to grant any tax relief to drain public money for the enjoyment of the rich sports lovers and business houses.

The FI organizers in a huff did not even invite the Union Sports Minister to the inaugural event. Several luminaries of different fields were invited or they came on their own to watch exhilarating and exciting FI sport. Media also gave wide coverage to it.

The matter of the fact is that more than 70 percent of Indian population is unaware of FI. It is also correct that it is economically unviable for mass Indian population. How wide coverage media may give to this sport but negligible number of people in rural India know about it.

If the organizers compare FI to the game of cricket, they are wrong. The two games can not be compared. Though the game of cricket has its origin in western country, it has also been so popular in India that if any body passes through a village lane, he will must see a group of youngsters with bats and bowls in their hands. Bat and bowl are found in every family of the country.

How many families own a car ? The sports event concluded two days back in Noida in the backyard of national capital New Delhi with tremendous pomp and show. A huge amount of money was spent to make it successful. Famous Bollywood actors, cricket stars corporate giants, big business houses graced the occasion. It is because these big stars and luminaries have come to watch the FI that naturally created curiosity among the middle class of Delhi and other metros to watch it.

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