Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gruesome killing of upright officer

The killing of Additional Collector Yashwant Sonawane of Manmad in Nashik district of Maharashra is the most shocking. He was an upright and honest officer. His killing has taken place on the eve of Republic Day. The Republic Day signifies the rule of law in the country. His killing is yet another blot on the face of the nation and it also reflects that the state has bowed before the law breakers, pilferers and mafia. The situation has come to such a passe that it has become difficult for honest government officials to act.
Yashwant Sonawane was killed by oil mafia when he was in line of duty and on a mission to check oil pilferage. Before the killing of Sonawane, a young officer of Oil India Manjunath was killed while was on inspection of Petrol pump. He was killed because he had sealed the petrol pump for illegal dealings. Sonawane was burnt alive in Manmad when he was in line of duty. Over 80,000 gazetted officers in Maharashtra have gone on a cease work to protest the killing of Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane by members of the oil mafia.
Although the Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan has assured of taking immediate action against the killers of Sonawane and 11 men have been rounded up on the suspicion of Sonawane’s killing. Now the the question arises when the officer of Additional Collector rank is burnt alive in line of duty, how can it be possible for the junior level employees of the government to act honestly. Sonawane , Manmjunath and others were killed because they were honest and did not allow dishonest act to go unchecked. This is the prize of their honesty.
As the then Home Secretary N N Vohra, presently the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, in 1993 submitted comprehensive reoprt on politician-criminal nexus, which is at the root cause of all criminal acts, it is gathering dust since then and no action has been taken on it yet. In Parliamentary democracy, politician is the chief executive and he is responsible for guiding and directing the bureaucracy. In the given situation, it is pre-requisite for the politician to be honest and progressive to give a clean administration. So, the greater responsibility rests with politician to break the unholy nexus. Mafia rules every section of society. They earn black money and give it to politicians to fund elections. So, untill and unless the state funding of elections is not introduced, it is very difficult for the government to declare war on oil, coal, minining and education mafias. The employees have not announced the protest as a strike but are shunning work to register our protest against this gruesome act which has shaken the government employees.

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