Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lacklustre Cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in his first Cabinet reshuffle during UPA-2 amidst galore of corruption charges and unchecked food inflation has failed to give any message. He has only undertaken changing of chairs from this row to that and nothing else. PM has only undertaken cosmetic change and given emphasis to improve Congress Party’s prospect in the coming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections as two ministers from that state have been elevated to Cabinet rank and one was inducted as State Minister with independent charge. The state of Kerala has also been given prominence to prepare the party to fight coming assemble elections there. The Cabinet reshuffle gives the message that the government and party leadership are in no mood to annoy any party leader by punishing them for his inefficiency and charges of corruption. Generally, the meaning of Cabinet reshuffle is to refurbish the image of the government and give it a look to appear efficient to resolve the issue facing the nation. But here we see that Cabinet reshuffle has been undetaken for the sake of it.Manmohan Singh Government is beset with growing corruption and food inflation. The Cabinet reshuffle should have been such as to give the message to the people that government can no longer tolerate corruption and ready to check inflation. But the reshuffle has seen only the mutual exchange of portfolio among the 33 ministers. It shows that the government lacks in courage and guts to declare war on corruption and inflation. Inflation is rising day by day. It means government is inefficient to find the cause to check it. Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle only shows the fine political balance by taking almost all economy related portfilos for his party. Prime Minister has said that this is a minor reshuffle and he will undertake major one after the Budget Session of Parliament. He has also tried his best in view of the shaky image of the government and Budget Session to keep every party leader in good humour to defend the government boldly against the opposition onslaught. On the whole, this is a meaningless Cabinet reshuffle.

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