Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lack of political morality

These days whatever is going on in the politics of the country is ridiculous, morally degraded and politically absurd. The political degeneration in the last 10 days first began with the resignation of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar that resulted in the breaking up of the Mahagathbandhan and formation of the new govt. by him in alliance with the BJP. Nitish Kumar did not do anything wrong by resigning as CM on the issue of corruption as his Deputy Chief Minister Tejswi Yadav from RJD quota refused to explain in public point by point about the charge of corruption against him in Hotel-land scandal. The CBI had lodged FIR against him after raiding the residence of his mother former Chief Minister Rabri Devi. CM Nitish Kumar rightly said that it was untenable for him to work. But he did not ask Tejswi to resign directly. When he felt that Tejswi was not going to resign, he tendered his own resignation and broke up the Mahagathbandhan. He formed a coalition with BJP whom he had left only four years on the issue of Narendra Modi when he was declared Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections by the party. He was with BJP for 17 years in his first stint. Undoubtedly, CM Nitish Kumar is a man of principle, honesty and integrity. There is no corruption charge against him in his long political career. But the fact here is that the people of Bihar had voted Mahagathbandhan to power with overwhelming majority. They voted against the BJP in the last assembly elections. As he was the leader of Mahagathbandhan of Congress, RJD and JD(U), he was sworn in as CM in 2015 after assembly election results. Nitish was seen as the face of the opposition parties led by Congress in the 2019 elections. So, it would be better for Nitish Kumar if he had recommended for the dissolution of assembly. And again if his new coalition with BJP had won assembly elections, he would easily be sworn in as CM, which he did not do and formed govt. against the mandate of the people. It means he has gone against the wishes of the people in the state. His conscience might be biting him that he is at the helms of affairs in the state without the approval of the people. This is nothing but moral degeneration in politics. Now take an example of Gujarat; the election is to be held in the state for 3 Rajya Sabha seats. There is an adequate number of MLAs of BJP that its two candidates- party President Amit Shah and Union Minister Smriti Irani- will easily win. But to deprive the Congress party of one seat for which it has also required of number of MLAs, BJP has allegedly started to tempt, lure, intimidate and threaten its MLAs to switch over sides. Congress candidate for one Rajya Sabha Seat from the state is Ahmad Patel, political secretary of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, whom the BJP tries to defeat at all costs. Congress had 57 MLAs. Six of them resigned and joined the BJP. To thwart the BJP's attempt to lure party MLAs by hook or crook, Congress shifted its 44 MLAs to a resort in Karnataka where it is in government. Today, Income Tax raid was conducted at 37 places of D K Shivakumar, the energy minister in Siddaramaih govt. in the state. D K Shivakumar is a senior leader of Congress and he is in good book of party high command. He was reportedly deputed to take care of all 44 party MLAs Gujarat lodged in Egleton Resort of Karnataka. As far as the IT raid at Congress minister's places is concerned, the case is not of today or yesterday against him. There must be stern action against the corrupt politicians or anyone else irrespective of who he is. The corrupt must be punished. But the action must not be as such as it could give out the scent of political vendetta. The question, which casts doubts on the intention of BJP govt. in the state as wells at the Centre, is the timing of IT raid. Does the BJP govt. terrorise Congress MLAs of Gujarat to switch sides? If it is so, it is very dangerous for democracy. Whether it is BJP, Congress or any other political parties, all must function in such a way as to uphold democratic norms, decorum and values. Otherwise, the democracy will be imperiled.

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