Friday, August 4, 2017

Deal Doklam standoff diplomatically

Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has rightly said that the dialogue is ultimately the best option to resolve any issue between the two countries- India and China. She was speaking in the Rajya Sabha in the context of Doklam standoff with China. It is our biggest neighbour and all weather friend of Pakistan, which is hostile to India. So, it needs to be dealt with diplomatically. China has again extended its technical hold by three months on the proposal supported by US, UK and France to designate Pak based JeM Chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN. India had moved this proposal at UN.It is been vetoing the proposal for almost a year. China is one of the members of the UN Security Council. It is one of its five members. It has also been creating a hurdle for India to enter Nuclear Suppliers Group. On the issue of banning Masood Azhar, China is the only member among the 15 at the UN organ, which opposes it. It is crystal clear that China would always support Pakistan against India. As far as Doklam standoff is concerned, China wanted to make motorable road through Bhutan, which Indian troops opposed. Chinese construction team was not allowed to work by the Indian troops to work. Doklam is virtually the territory of Bhutan. It is tri-junction of China, India and Bhutan. It is strategically and from security point of view very important for India. So, China cannot be allowed to construct motorable under its plan of encircling India. Doklam is very close to Sikkim. When Chinese construction team was stopped from working, PLA personnel scuffled with India troops. Chinese media started publishing belligerent articles to strike fear in the Indian camp. But India stood the ground very valiantly. China has been crying for pulling back of Indian troops from Doklam. It has reportedly been told that now China is also thinning its troops’ deployment at Doklam. In the prevailing situation and economic environment in both China and India, talks are only options to resolve any outstanding issue between the two. In the age of market economy, war is nowhere the talking point. The economy is the first priority and the first interest of any nation in the world. Sushama Swaraj has also said rightly in Parliament that the meeting between the opposition leader and the Chinese Ambassador in India should have in the knowledge of the government of the day. She has also rightly said that it would be better if the opposition leader sought govt. position before meeting Chinese ambassador. He could have told him about India's position on the standoff with China clearly and forcefully. Both China and India must pull back their respective troops and sit together to find out resolution to the problems between. Even if war breaks out between the two countries, they come to negotiating table after it ceases. So, External Affairs Minister Sushama Swaraj's advocacy for talks to resolve the issue in question China and India is absolutely correct. She has taken the right stance. Belligerence leads to destruction. It is also good that Indian army is always prepared to meet any eventualities. It would be misadventure for any country to go for was in the prevailing situation in the world. Talks and Dialogues must be pursued to resolve all outstanding issues between China and India. It is not 1962. It is 2017. Both China and India must know. China must also be not in a delusion that if ever war breaks out with India, it would easy for it like the war of 1962. India has travelled very fast from there in every respect. Its army is one of the most professional armies in the world. So, the only option between the two countries is dialogue and talks.

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