Friday, January 22, 2016

Gloomy scenario all around us

The gloomy scenario prevails in every area of concern in the country. Whether it is economy, social, political, educational or terror issue, there is despondency everywhere. The mood of the people is not upbeat. Despondency and disillusionment prevail all around us. The economic slowdown prevails all over the world. Apart from American economy, China is passing from severe economic slowdown, which affects and contributes to the downturn in the economy of most of the countries. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, who is in Washington to take part in Davos Economic Forum meeting, has also said that India can not be untouched by the worldwide economic scenario. Due to the downturn in Chinese economy, export of several countries has been badly affected. The sharp fall in the price of crude oil may cause the economic slowdown world over. The value of rupee has fallen to an all time low 68 against a dollar. The countries, which were exporting to feed the industries in China, are faced economic crunch. Industrial output in India is also falling. Creation of job has come to a standstill. Farmers still continue to commit suicide because of the increasing burden of loans from the money lenders on them. The price of essential commodities, including food items, is sky-rocketing. It is breaking the back of the poor. Caste and community violence is growing without any check. Terrorist violence has also increased. In addition to all that, agricultural prospects in the country are also not very bright. So, we feel gloomy scenario all around us. Despite India being the fastest growing economy, its benefit is not filtered down to ground level. Because of this, the gulf between the rich and the poor has been widening day by day. People have not felt any relaxation in any field even after the Narendra Modi govt. came to power with strong majority. They are still disillusioned with the government in the same measure as they were during the previous regime. It has also been experienced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps silent on the burning issue or important incident of the day. The indifferent approach adopted by PM Modi to the day to day activities in the nation has also disillusioned the people with his govt. in a very short span of time. The people, especially, the youth of the country had high expectation from the Narendra Modi govt. The unemployment among youth is rising very sharply and no activity of job creating effort is being made by the govt. Foreign investment is not coming on large scale. Industries and factories are not set-up all over the country to bolster up our economy. There is no bright spot in the country. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are becoming richer.

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