Wednesday, April 16, 2014

War of ideology

Congress leader and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi, who is compared with her grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi in look and charishma, has rightly said to the Congress workers that her cousin Barun Gandhi has gone astray to contest LS election as BJP candidate. So, it is not a family tea party but an ideological war in Lok Sabha elections. She also appealed to Congressmen to bring him back on the right path by casting votes against him. Barun Gandhi is fighting Lok Sabha elections as BJP candidate from Sultanpur under which comes Amethi from where Priyanka’s brother Rahul Gandhi is fighting for the third term. Undoubtedly, Barun Gandhi also represents Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.He is the son of late Sanjay Gandhi, who was a Congress leader and younger son of former prime minister Indira Gandhi. Priyanka being the in charge of Amethi and Raeberali constituencies for Rahul Gandhi and Mother Sonia Gandhi respectively has rightly alleged that Barun has betrayed the family by accepting divisive politics of BJP against which Gandhi family has made great sacrifices. Rajiv and Indira Gandhi were killed by terrorists. Indira and Rajiv sacrificed their lives for keeping India united and its secular fabric intact. They always fought under the banner of Congress Party against the BJP. Even Sanjay Gandhi took BJP head on. He was the youthful face of the Congress Party, though died premature in a tragic plan crash. Having kept all these things in view, it is apparent that Barun and Maneka Gandhi, both are BJP leaders, accepted the divisive ideological belief in stark opposition to their family’s political and ideological belief. Due to the family differences, Maneka Gandhi and her son Barun Gandhi chose the other way that is completely different from Nehru-Gandhi family thought, belief and ideology. Because of this, they have naturally lost the advantage of public attraction for Nehru-Gandhi family attraction. This time, Barun Gandhi has chosen to fight Lok Sabha elections as BJP candidate from Sultanpur with the intention of getting public sympathy because of belonging to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. To make the matter clear among Congress workers of Sultanpur, Priyanka Gandhi asked them to vote against him so that he could be brought back on the right path of secularism to which Nehru-Gandhi family has inalienable bond. It appears clear from her appearance, body language, tone and tenor that Priyanka Gandhi takes after her charismatic grandmother Indira Gandhi. This time, the Congress party is passing through difficulty in the Lok Sabha elections because of anti-establishment anger of the people. Congress needs a charishmatic leader like Priyanka Gandhi at this juncture. Priyanka Gandhi is the last trump card of the Congress party and it is almost certain that if it fared as badly as predicted in this Lok Sabha elections, she would definitely made a decisive plunge into electoral politics and take the party out of woods.

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