Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Softening of US towards Modi

The meeting, which is to be held this week, between US ambassador Nancy Powell and Chief Minister of Gujarat Naredra Modi in Ahmedabad amply reflects that the US is now softening its stance towards him. US appears to have felt that that it can now no longer ignore Modi, whom it denied visas for more than a decade, because of his rising popularity since he was made BJP’s prime ministerial candidate in Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held in April-May. The crowds Modi draws in every meeting amply reflect that he could well become the Prime Minister by winning majority in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Though the US has said that it is a part of its concentrated outreach to political and business leaders, it is endeavour to keep in touch with possible PM. It is a fact that India being its close strategic partner, the US can not ignore the political leader who could well become the Prime Minister. As far as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is concerned, he is a duly elected chief Minister of an Indian state. There is nothing wrong in meeting between Modi and US ambassador. Modi is holding a high constitutional post. Denying him visa by the US as yet is nothing but its highhandedness and an endeavour to defame a duly elected leader of India. Before this meeting between Modi and Nancy Powell, the German ambassador and UK high commissioner have already met him. As far as the alleged involvement and role of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots is concerned, it is under Indian investigative and judiciary to decide his culpability. The SIT has already given him the clean chit. US has no right to interfere in our internal matter. It also matters little whether the US gives Modi visa or not not. But this week meeting of the US ambassador Nancy Powell with Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad clearly reflects that the message about the strong possibility of his emergence as the possible winner in Lok Sabha elections has gone out. And India’s strategic importance for the US has compelled it to send its ambassador to Ahmedabad to meet Narendra Modi. US softening of stance with Modi also makes it clear that the super power has started seeing him as the possible premier of India. US has nothing to do with Congress and BJP. It only sees its own interest. So, it has started to keep the future door in India open if ever Modi becomes the prime Minister.

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