Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lalu down, but not out

The report of 13 RJD MLAs breaking away from the RJD in Bihar and forming a separate group in the assembly to support the Nitish Kumar government may be a set back for party supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav but it can definitely be said that he still holds influence on the M-Y equation of votes built by him in the state. Though nine of the 13 RJD MLAs have got back into the party fold and participated in the legislative party meeting called by Lalu in Patna and expressed confidence in his leadership, one thing is certainly clear that his grip on the party has loosened a little. Lalu Prasad can not fight elections as he is a convict in fodder scam. Now-a-days, he is on bail from Supreme Court but not freed from any charge. After the release from the jail in Ranchi where he was undergoing imprisonment in the fodder scam, there appeared among Muslims, Yadavs and his other vote banks a renewed sympathy for him that could pave way for him to come in the limelight. But the developing situation within his party can not give him solace especially during the time Lok Sabha election is at hand. It also reflects that there is certainly some unease among his party MLAs because of his strong advocacy in favour of the Congress Party with which he is adamant to make poll pact in the Lok Sabha elections. It may be possible that the ruling JD(U) under the instruction directly from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would have poached on RJD MLAs to make up the shotage of MLA for proving majority in the assembly if ever vote of no confidence is moved against the government in the assembly at any point of time in the future. Undoubtedly, Lalu Prasad is the single leader in Bihar who can stand upto the rising popularity of BJP under the leadership of its PM candidate Narendra Modi. He can stop Modi’s Rath in Bihar as he had stopped BJP patriach L K Advani’s Rath in Samastipur in the state 24 years back. In alliance with Congress, Lalu Prasad Yadav is still the biggest force in Bihar to keep the secular credential of the nation intact. There may be corruption charges and the charges of misgovernance in Bihar for 15 years that the Lalu-Rabri duo ruled the state, but it is he who gave voice to the voiceless in the state. It is not only Lalu but almost all the leaders across the party practises caste-based politics. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of JD(U) is also practising caste-based politics. He has also divided society on caste lines. Dalits and Mahadalits are examples in sight. The present political scenario in Bihar is that no political party can claim to be in command in the coming Lok Sabha elections. BJP has cetainly created a wave like situation in favour of its PM candidate Modi but as far as the natural support for an individual leader is considered, it is again only Lalu among Muslims and Yadavs who are still his strong supporters.

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