Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kejriwal's escape route

By resigning as Chief Minister of Delhi over the issue of Jan Lokpal Bill, Arvind Kejriwal has found his escape route. He resigned because his Jan Lokpal Bill to fight corruption was voted out by the opposition BJP, supporting party Congress, JD (U) and lone Independent MLA on the ground that its way of introduction is unconstitutional . The entire house except the ruling Aam Admi party did not oppose it because it was the suitable weapon to fight corruption but because of its unconstitutional way of introduction in Delhi Assembly. Delhi is yet to get full statehood and it is still a Union Territory. No Bill in the Delhi assembly can be introduced without the nod of Lt. Governor Najib Jung. If the Bill requires finance from the consolidated fund of Government of India, it must take approval from the ministry of Home. Neither Lt. Governor nor the Ministry of Home was taken into confidence by the AAP government and introduced the Jan Lokpal Bill on its own to fight corruption. Lt. Governor Najib Jung had already asked the Speaker of Delhi assembly not to allow the introduction of Jan Lokpal Bill as it is unconstitutional. But as Kejriwal was adamant on introducing the bill to martyr himself on the issue of fighting corruption, AAP government resigned under a well-thought out design to exploit it politically in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Undoubtedly, Arvind Kejriwal is honest in every respect but at the same time he is adept in blaming and defaming others. By resigning over the issue of Jan Lokpal, he has tried to give the message among the people that only he and his Aam Admi party leaders and workers are honest and the rest are dishonest and corrupt. But one message has gone among the public loud and clear that governance is out of question for him and he and his Cabinet have run away from the responsibility given to them by Delhiites. Now Delhiites will certainly think twice before casting vote in favour of Arvind Kejriwal. Being the head of the Government, Arvind Kejriwal should have been more patient and considerate. If he was so much interested to deliver on the promises he made to the people of Delhi, he can not do it by running away from responsibility. He can not deliver on the promises on streets. To fulfill them, he has to be in government. If he was so much interested in passing the Jan Lokpal Bill, he could have put pressure on the Centre to get clearance from it. So, his resignation is a well-calculated move to fight Lok Sabha elections and tell the people that he resigned because he failed to pass Jan Lokpal Bill to fight corruption as promised to Delhiites.

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