Tuesday, September 3, 2013

US strike against Syria appears imminent

The United States is planning to strike the war-torn Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad’s regime on August 21st, which killed thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children.If the body language, stance, motive and precedent of the US president Barack Obama are anything to go by, the US-led strike of the West against Syria is imminent under the excuse that Syria govt. had used chemical weapons against the civilians. Though Nato Chief has not dwelt on the strike against Syria, his belief that the chemical weapons were used by Bashar al-Assad government against the rebellions also makes the strike imminent. UN investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria is underway and its report is yet to come. It would be better to wait for the UN report and after that, there might be discussion on whether to attack Syria in a limited way or not. There has been worldwide condemnation of chemical attack on civilians in which thousands of lives were lost and the number of women and children among the deceased was enormous. Whoever did this crime must be awarded deterrent punishment. Though it may be possible that to defame the Assad government the chemical gas named Sarin may have passed into the hands of terrorists and it may be their handiwork, this must be thoroughly probed before any plan of action against Syria is taken. Syria is a sovereign country. Many countries in the Middle East are expected to come out in the open support of Syria as Iran has already announced its support for it if the US strikes it, besides that Russia and China have already opposed US strike against Syria. The US-led attack on Syria will also no longer be limited to it, and it will naturally spread in the entire Middle East. Oil reserves in the Middle East have its own importance. The supply of crude oil from there will be badly affected, and consequently India will put at a great loss. Strike against Syria will have negative impact on already staggering Indian economy. So, India will never support the US strike against Syria. Traditionally also, India has never been on the side of aggressor. It is against the attack on the sovereignty of any nation, though it severely condemns the chemical attack on civilians in which thousands were killed. The US has the tendency of attacking the sovereignty of the nation which it dislikes under one excuse or the other. The example of US military intervene in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq is already before us. India must support the stand taken by Russia and China against the US on the issue of attacking Syria. Its highhandedness against the weak and small nations and its expansionist and imperialistic ambition must be opposed with all might. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has rightly warned Western military strikes will risk igniting a ‘regional war’. He has also said that France would face repercussions if it takes part in US-led plans for military action against Syria.

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