Monday, September 23, 2013

An act of hate

The two incidents of terror- one at a Mall in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, and the other at a Church in Peshawar of Pakistan- have saddened and shaken the world. There are two Indians among 68 killed by heavily armed Somali Islamist militants who stormed a packed mall in Nairobi and engaged in fierce fighting with Kenyan soldiers backed by Israeli special forces trying to rescue about 30 hostages and end the bloody siege that entered a second day. In another blood bath carried out by Pakistan Taliban, about 60 innocent persons were killed in the bomb blasts at a famous church in Peshawar of Pakistan. The Christian minority has been targeted by the militants to avenge the drone attack in Pakistan by the US as reportedly claimed by them. The indiscriminate firing by the Al-Shabab militants, a wing of Al-Qaeda, was patterned on Mumbay attack of 26/11. The target of militants' attack was westerners at the Kenyan capital Nairobi Mall. The entire international community condemns these acts of hate. India is shocked and saddened and expresses its solidarity with the Kenyan government and the people in this hour of crisis. The most dangerous trend that has emerged from the Nairobi Mall attack is that the militants enquired about the religion of their targets there and they killed only those who were non-Muslim and Muslims were allowed to go out without any harm. In the Peshawar Church killing the Christians were their targets who account for 4 percent of the population of Pakistan. US must realize the ground reality that the target in these two attacks of the Islamist militants has been westerners and Christians. The attack on US installation by Al-Qaeda in Nairobi has also been carried out in the past also. The US must also know there is connection between world-wide and Pakistan, which breeds terrorism that bleeds the world. It is not only India, which bears the burnt of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism most but also the entire world, especially the US. US must also know that whatever aids it provides to Pakistan from time to time for the safeguard of its strategic interest in South Asia, it is like the poisonous snake that bites even the master who offers it milk. So, the US must take the killing of westerners and Christians in Nairobi Mall and Peshawar church respectively very seriously. The beginning of terror acts with open religious tinge is very dangerous. Up till now, it was said that terrorism has no religion. But now with the Nairobi Mall killing, it has come to light that the Islamist militants only targets non-Muslims. It is high time for the entire world to make concerted effort and rise above self-interest by big and powerful to wipe out the terrorism from the face of the earth.

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