Friday, September 6, 2013

Nation’s concerns justified

Though Union Defence Minister AK Antony has denied media report quoting National Security Advisory board Chairman Shyam Sharan that China has occupied 640 Sq. kilometer area in Laddakh in Parliament, it is the issue of national security that needs urgent assurance about border security from the government. The Govt must not conceal any thing on issue of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory. The issue of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory had rocked both houses of Parliament earlier also. In the wake of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory in April, National Security Advisory Board Chairman Shyam Saran had submitted a report to the Prime Minister in which he had concluded that China was in occupation of 640 sq km area along the Line of Actual Control. It has caused anxiety among the people all over the nation over the security of our borders. This is the issue of national security. So, MPs rising above party politics have shown solidarity and unity on this issue of urgent attention. Defence Minister has told the Lok Sabha that India is capable of guarding its borders. But MPs are not satisfied with his statement in the House. The question that concerns the nation most is that why Chinese troops make incursion into Indian Territory in Laddakh area time and again. Do they test our patience or want to read the reaction of Indian troops to their mischievous activities? India must ask China at the highest level to stop these activities by its troops on the border forthwith. Otherwise, consequences may be grave and far-reaching. Chinese double standard has already been experienced by India. So, it is better not to rely on Chinese assurance that border dispute will be amicably resolved. India too wants to resolve border dispute with China amicably. China has always been trying to weaken India by diverting its attention on the issue of security of its borders, so that it could not achieve anything positive. It supports and provides all helps to India’s neighbours, who are considered hostile and inimical to it. Besides, incursion into Indian Territory, China always instigates Pakistan to create mischief in India. How big terror violence may take place with Pakistani support in India, China never asks the former to refrain from sponsoring terrorism into India. It has now started to have its feet in Nepal and Sri Lanka also to exploit the anger among the people in these two countries against India. So, China is not only directly posing threat to our territorial integrity but also trying to get us encircled by our neighbours.All these issues need to be raised at the highest level with China very urgently. And nation must be assured of safety and security from all outside threat. We must not appear weak and divided on the issue of our national security. The message from the Parliament must go out loud and clear that India is well prepared to give befitting reply as and when required to any hostile nation howsoever strong it may be.

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