Monday, July 22, 2013

Rahul’s class

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has organized a training camp of about 200 Congress Spokesman from all over the country. The aim of his training camp is to train them to counteract the opposition charges of corruption, price rise, economic mismanage and total failure on all fronts against UPA government at the Centre forcefully. Opposition charges have created disillusionment among the people with the government in the face of Lok Sabha elections next year. It is to be counteract at all costs. Rahul says that the talented leaders should be brought to the front to present the party in right perspective among the people. But who will do it? Rahul Gandhi is the vice-president and his mother Sonia Gandhi is the president of the party. They are all powerful. They can only do it. First of all, in view of the all round negative performance of the UPA government, which the opposition parties are highlighting among the people, needs to be counteracted by the Congress spokespersons. But they have become demoralized because of the lacklustre performance of UPA-II. The Congress spokespersons need to be given clear cut direction and vision of the party to take them into masses. Besides, appropriate training to Congress spokespersons, the party urgently needs to revive the organizations from block to state capital level. The states in which Congress party is out of power for more than twenty years, the party organization there is gasping for breadth. They have become dead there. Party workers have become demoralized and the leaders who have mass appeal have gone in oblivion. The leader of the political party should be known by their action, and not by giving only long speech. By giving training to Congress spokesman how to counteract opposition attacks is not sufficient and will be of no use if its government at the Centre continues to act callously, carelessly and negligently. First of all, Congress-led government at the Centre needs to improve its performance on all fronts. It will have to check price rise and stop corruption forthwith and whoever is found guilty in corruption cases must be awarded deterrent punishment. The time is running out and disillusionment with the UPA government is increasing day by day with the approaching of the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress spokespersons can only counteract the opposition onslaught forcefully when their government at the Centre is seen to deliver to the people.

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