Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pointless controversy

The unnecessary controversy is being created over the issue of denial of American visa to Gujarat Chief Minister and possible prime ministerial candidate of BJP Narendra Modi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The controversy has been initiated by BJP president Rajnath Singh itself, who is on a five-day visit to the US. It is not his business to implore upon the US law makers for granting Visa to Narendra Modi. The US has been denying visa to Narendra Modi since 2005. America has denied visa to Modi because of the charge of human rights violation against in one of the worst communal riots in 2002 in Gujarat in which more than one thousand Muslims and 300 hundred Hindus were killed. With the raising of the issue of visa to Modi before the US by Rajnath Singh, the opponents of Narendra Modi sent the six month old letter signed by 65 MPs as claimed by them to the US President Barack Obama to continue to deny Visa to him. Some of the MPs whose names figure in the letter say that their signatures are forged and they have not signed this type of letter at any point of time, though the independent Rajya Sabha MP, who is the main initiator of the campaign stands by this letter and says that all signatures are genuine. Narendra Modi is a democratically electeted Chief Minister of an Indian state of Gujarat. He holds high constitutional post. He deserves Visa. But as the US is a sovereign country and it has its own rules and regulations, it totally depends on it whom to give visa or not to be given. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has already given statement on this issue in the Parliament on similar lines. The issue here is why the BJP is so much anxious for getting US Visa for its top leader leader Narendra Modi that its President has implored on US law makers to grant visa to him. Does the party also need certificate form America to legitimize its prime ministerial candidate? His legitimacy and acceptability will be given by the people of India in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi has already got overwhelming acceptability for the last 12 years from the people in the state of Gujarat. He has won three assembly elections for the part y and come to power thrice in a row. So, first the BJP should have confidence in itself, and not depend on America for its leader’s acceptability in India. Both the BJP president and the MP, who has sent a letter signed by 65 members of Parliament over the issue of American Visa, are doing nothing but denigrating the image of India. India is the largest democracy of the world and members of its highest democratic institution have a pride of place. So, this unnecessary controversy must be buried immediately. Meanwhile, the US h as said that if Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi applies for a visa, his application will be considered in accordance with the American immigration law and policy.

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