Friday, July 19, 2013

BJP in poll mode

The main opposition Bhartiya Janata Party is in poll mode and all indications coming from the speeches of its leaders, especially its possible prime ministerial candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, are that they would again go in for elections with aggressive Hindutva plank. This aggressive Hindutva plank may not win power for the party but it is also a well-established fact that this has brought it to this position of main opposition status from oblivion with two MPs strength in early 80s. The development, good governance, price rise, economic mismanagement and corruption issues that go against the ruling Congress-led UPA may boomerang on the BJP if it went to poll with these issues because its own record on these counts is not unblemished. So, its face Narendra Modi who leads the poll campaign strongly advocates for Hindutva cause. Modi tries to polarise the majority Hindu community in favour of his party by indirectly comparing the killing of Muslim minority in Gujarat riots in 2002 with the crushing of Puppy under the wheels of his car that also hurts him and he says about the Congress Party that it goes under the Burqua of secularism and hide in bunker whenever it is beset with problems and crisis. By comparing the life of Puppy with the lives of Muslim minority, he trivializes the lives of Muslim minority. All his barbs against Congress only polarizes the majority Hindu community and a wave of communal flavour is deliberately created in the country to reap political harvest. The Congress-led UPA is facing one crisis after another and its popularity graph is at the lowest ebb. If the Main opposition BJP attacks it only on its mismanagement of economy, price rise, corruption and misgovernance, the people will definitely support it to get rid of this corrupt and defamed UPA. BJP Parliamentary Board, which met here, has finalized its plan for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and decided to create about 15 committees to manage different aspects of the election campaign under Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. The BJP Parliamentary Board has also discussed the strategy for the upcoming Monsoon Session of Parliament beginning on August 5. The BJP is likely to target the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre over the Food Security Ordinance and the condition of the Indian economy during the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

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