Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Regional political assertion for space

The present internal tussle Congress party with its allies is the manifestation of growing regional political ambition.Congress-led UPA alliance is under pressure from two of its close allies Trinamul and NCP. Both are the breakaway groups of Congress party.
The third important ally is southern regional political outfit DMK which is also smarting under some grievances with the Congress. All these three Cong allies in the UPA government at the Centre try to assert themselves by bringing it under pressure. They want to keep it on tenterhooks.
West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamul supremo Mamta Bannerjee has been breathing out fire against the Congress for some time. The state Congress party is adamant not to play subservient role to the Trinamul Government and let its own interest go into other’s fold.
Though the Central leadership from both sides Congress and Trinamul downplays the rift in the state, there is unease with both the parties at state level that could burst apart any time.
Observing the ongoing Congress bashing by West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee despite the alliance is in place, NCP in view of the local bodies elections in Mumbai appears to be asserting itself, and showing no concern for the future of the alliance. The tone and tenure of NCP leaders clearly reflects that they too feel that the Congress is not in a position to retaliate in the same vein due to compulsion of coalition politics.
Congress being the leader of the UPA alliance, it must take care of all its alliance partners. It must ensure that the no alliance partner should feel ignored. It is the political need of the nation. Neither mid-term Lok Sabha election can be thrust on the nation nor can it afford it. If any of the two alliance partners out of three withdraw its support, the Congress-led UPA may fall. And because of this the Congress party has tolerated the undue flaunting of support of its alliance partners.

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