Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reach out to Kashmiris

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah must reach out to the common Kashmiris to know about the ground reality. Kashmir Valley has been in the throes of violence for weeks. It is burning and violent street protests have become the order of the day. The situation in the Valley is vicious and CM's lack of experience , his hesitation to mix with the common Kashmiris have made it worse.CM must take hardline and moderate Hurriyat leaders and all the political parties of all hues on board for the benefit of common Kashmiris. Kashmiri youths are on the streets and their protests have become so violent that the security forces had to resort to firing in recent weeks several times, resulting in the death of 47 innocent Kashmiris. CM's reaching out to the jailed hardline Hurriyat faction leader Syed Ali Shah Gilani has yielded good result. Gilani was released from the jail and in the press conference that he addressed at his residence in Srinagar, he has disapproved violence in the Valley for the first time. Though he is considered to be the key leader in misguiding and misleading Kashmiri youths and instigating them to adopt the path of violence against the Indian state, his sudden change of heart is heartening. Because for the first time, he has asked his followers not to stage violent protests as violence hurts the interest of Kashmiri movement only. J & K CM must also reach out to other separatist and secessionist leaders to persuade them to shun violence and sit at the table to solve the problems facing the Kashmiri youths through talks. Both the Centre and state mobilise all shades of opinion in Kashmir and discuss with them to solve the problems whatever they are facing. It is good that in the time of crisis in Kashmir, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has discussed Kashmir situation with BJP Parliamentary Party Chairman and the senior most leader L K Advani.By sending out a message to protestors in Kashmir, Home Minister P Chidambaram has rightly asserted that mindless violence would not lead to any solution and promised to reactivate a dialogue to address grievances once normalcy is restored in the Valley.First and foremost task before the state and Central government is to stop violence immediately through whatever means it is possible. The situation is getting worse and worse with the exodus of non-Kashmiris has reportedly started from the Valley. There may be serious ramifications of the development evolving in other parts of the nation. After normalising the situation and bringing back the strife-torn state on track, political leadership both in the state and at the Centre must take all political entities whether they are separatists or secessionists into confidence to move forward on the path of peace and development in the state. Alongwith actively considering a number of political and administrative measures to help restore normalcy in J & K, CM Omar Abdullah immediately starts dialogue with all section of political parties as problems in the Valley will only be solved politically where every political entity could feel that it is also the part and parcel of Indian Union.Centre only requires to give full support in every areas to the state government to bring back normalcy in the Valley without any loss of time.

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