Monday, August 30, 2010

Black spot on Gentleman game

Spot fixing scandal involving six top Pakistani cricket players, including the captain as revealed by a British Tabloid is not only the black spot on Pak Cricket but also on the gentleman game of cricket. It must be washed off as soon as possible because this misdeed of match-fixing first broke in late 99s.Though the match fixing incident is not new in Pakistan cricket since this black deed took place at the end of nineties in 1999 and has been recurring time again as players accused of it let off charges or the trial process becomes very lengthy by the accused players are on the edge of retirement, spot fixing scandal must be dealt with immediately and during it probe the accused should be banned from the game of cricket.In late nineties, when the match-fixing scandal first broke out, the government’s accountability had investigated into the allegations of some of its players being involved in match fixing after Pakistan lost the 1999 World Cup final to Australia also at Lords. But, after a lengthy investigation the government did not take any action against any player. Action was also only taken against a few players after an 18-months judicial inquiry into the allegations between 1998 and 2000 by a former Lahore High Court judge on the recommendations of the board. Cash exceeding their daily allowance was recovered from the hotel rooms of the Pakistani cricketers implicated in the “spot fixing” scandal during a raid conducted by the Scotland Yard in London. Pakistan Cricket Spot fixing scandal has downed the nation's head in shame because of the black acts of their cricket players. Sending immediately to London FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), Pak shows its seriousness to probe the charges of spot fixing independently. Primarily, to probe the spot fixing charges against Pakistani players is the responsibility of International Cricket Council (ICC) anti-corruption cell and Pakistan Cricket Board. BCCI has rightly washed its hands off the scandal involving top six Pakistani players. But the ICC and Pakistan Cricket Board must take stringent action against the guilty players of spot fixing whose misdeeds have blackened the image of the game of gentlement. And the process of inquiry into charges of match-fixing must be fast and if they were proved true all accused players must be banned from the international and domestic matches for life -time. As the alleged bookied named Mazhar Majid has disclosed that Pakistan cricket players have a little interest in the game of cricket and more in money, food and women, they must be immediately banned. The question here arises what step Pakistani Cricket Board has been doing all these 11 years that there occured fixing scandal time and again. Why did it not take any stringent measures against corruption in the gentleman game and left grow it continuously. If National and international sports persons irrespective of any nation indulge in this type of corruption, they must be treated as anti-national and they should be trialed as such immediately after imposing life-time ban on their participation in any international and domestic matches.

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