Friday, August 27, 2010

China’s aggressive acts

Aggressive posturings of China is should not be new to us. It only requires befitting reply from Indian side as it has refused permission to one of the senior Nothern Commander Lt. General B S Jashwal to visit China for talks regarding defence exchanges between the two countries. China has denied visa to General Jashwal on the ground that he was the Commander General of Nothern Command under which the state of Jammu and Kashmir existed, which it considers a disputed territory. This reason behind denying the visa to Jashwal has hurt deeply the sensitivity of India. China must respect the sensivity of India because only then the bilateral relations between the two Asian Giants can continue smoothly. Both must consider mutual concerns.The visit by a General rank officer to China is part of defence exchanges that was agreed upon between the two countries during the annual defence dialogue.The visit was fixed for July, but it was not decided at that time as to who will be sent by India.According to Ministry sources, New Delhi has kept in abeyance permission to two Chinese defence officials to come to India for undertaking a course at the National Defence College.China also denies visa to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and if ever gives, it gives the stampled visa. Because it considers the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir as no man’s land and a disputed one. Now enough is enough. If China considers Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir as disputed territory, India too should raise the forcible occupation of Tibet by China. If China does not know how to respect the sensivity of India, there is nothing wrong on the part of India to treat it in the same way.China speaks in the language of Pakistan. While the world has already recognised Jammu and Kashmir as the inalienable part of India, only Pakistan claims the territory as desputed one and it gets Chinese support. That is why China must be replied in the same coin, though bilateral relations between the two countries must not be disturbed in haste. Not only this time, all the hostile neighbours and countries of India are good friends of China. What does this reflects?. This only reflects that China considers India as its only formidable rival in emerging as another super power equal to the US in the world. That is why it always tries to entangle in Asia.Union Defence Minister has rightly said that it is not the question of breaking defence ties with China. We have close ties with China though there could be some problems occasionally. But, Mr. Minister, that does not mean that we always suffer humilation at the hands of China and sit silent over China's aggressive behaviours. China always supports and eggs Pakistan to create trouble in India by sponsoring cross border terrorism and it itself always tries to create disturbances on Indian border adjacent to it. China has also great hand in making Pakistan equipped with nuclear weapons and also main culprit of proliferation of nuclear weapons through Pakistan. And it must be taken seriously by the world powers.

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