Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Strengthen Indo-Afghan relation

Afghanistan has been our traditional friend and it assumes significance from strategic, security, business, cultural and other points of mutual interest. After the death and destruction of lives, property,important cultural and historic structures of importance by the of outlawed Taliban, India is playing vital role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Maintaining friendship with Afghanistan even in its trying times of Russian intervention and outlawed regime of Taliban, India has always been with it. It never supported Russian intervention in Afghanistan despite enjoying time -tested friendship with it. Afghanistan has also respected India's interest in the region’s geo-politics by not allowing the dominance of Pakistan there even because of being very near to it from the distance point of view . If Pakistan had become able to establish its dominance in Afghanistan, it would naturally pose security risk for India. Once it set its foot, its nursery of terrorism would also start functioning from there with single motto of disintegrating and destabilizing India through sponsorship of terrorism by being behind the scene. Afghanistan never allowed this type of situation to develop. On this front, it never allowed Pakistan any space to inflict harm on India. It is because of Afghanistan's friendly approach towards India all the time that it undertook massive relief and reconstruction task there after the overthrow outlawed regime of Taliban. India is still engaged in the reconstruction of Afghanistan with men and materials on the largest possible scale despite losing lives in terror attacks there. The visiting Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has rightly called for more Indian investment, especially from private sectors. Indians and Afghans are not only friends but also very close with each other from the culture and civilization point of view. Both share each other culturally. That is why President Ghani talked of Tigore and the Kabuliwala brand during his interaction with the media persons in Delhi. It is good that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is the strong exponent of strengthening relationship with all the Saarc members in general but Afghanistan in particular. Afghanistan President has called for more Indian investment in the country. He has rightly said that Afghanistan is pivotal for the growth of Asia. Afghan President spelt out what Afghanisatn would like from India and how India could help in development of the country. India has invested over US$2 billion in infrastructure projects and the social sector in the country in recent years but has stayed away from engaging militarily in the 13-year-long war. This is Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani his first official visit to India.

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