Monday, April 27, 2015

Human catastrophe

It was the monstrous earthquake that wreaked unprecedented loss of lives and property in Nepal. It has caused fear and havoc among the people. Apart from the heavy casualties in quake hit areas of Nepal. Nepalese capital Kathmandu has been the worst hit. Its historic Dharhara Tower and several other structures of historical importance and tourism were raged to the ground by this demonic earthquake the intensity of which was 7.9. The people are still feeling innumerable number of aftershocks, which creates panic among them. Not only human lives have been lost in the city of Kathmandu, its historic and tourist spots have also been destroyed. Though it is a natural fury of the worst kind, the responsibility of the people and the government to take precautionary measures can not be given a go by. Nepal is passing through one of the most difficult times. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly said that its tragedy is our tragedy. He has also given an account of statesmanship by swinging into action to provide relief and rescue to the friendly country Nepal in its difficult hour. It is his credit that he has taken initiative to help Nepal from the front. India is the first country whose four planes carrying men and materials for relief and rescue landed in Nepal. It also shows PM's foresight on the issue of relationship in Nepal. Earthquake is the worst kind of natural calamity of which there could be made no prediction despite the advancement in science and technology. India stands behind Nepal in its tragedy. This is the worst earthquake in Nepal in 81 years. More than 3000 thousand people were killed. It was the dance of death and destruction of lives and property on Saturday when hit by earthquake of 7.9 intensity. As the epicenter of the earthquake was near Nepal's capital Kathmandu, it has been worst hit. In addition to the huge loss of lives and property, all the historic buildings, most of the famous temples in Kathmandu and all other historic heritages were completely destroyed by the monstrous earthquake. Not only Nepal, many parts of Eastern India suffered from the wrath of devastating earthquake. A total of 72 deaths have been reported in India of which the maximum casualties have been from Bihar. There can not be made any prediction of earthquake but one thing that is in the control of the people and the government is to build buildings, brides and dams of earthquake resistant materials like the practices in Japan. Government of India has shown prompt action in providing help in relief and rescue operation to its neighbouring and friendly country Nepal in this hour of crisis. All possible help must be provided to the victims of earthquake in Nepal and India. It is the great loss to Nepal. The entire world under the banner of UNO must come forward to provide relief and rescue operations to the people hit severely by earthquake. It is the geological development under the earth that results in earthquake. The government of India is making all possible efforts to provide maximum help to Nepal. An inter-ministerial team comprising senior officials from the ministries of Home, Defence, External Affairs and NDMA has been sent to Nepal to coordinate rescue and relief operations in the quake-hit country. The stranded tourists in Nepal are being evacuated through air and road route. Gratis Visa is being provided to the foreign nationals. The central government is in regular touch with the affected state governments.

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