Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Losing global character

With the sworn-in of Donald Trump as the new President of the US, its basic structure, essence and the character for which it has been known all over the world was attacked and undermined. Immigrants constitute valuable assets of America. Their banning from entering US not only demeans its global status but also against the tenets of its constitution. America has so far been known as a welcome gate for all the citizens of the world. The banning of the citizens from the seven Muslim majority states- Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria- for 90 from entering America with immediate effect in the name of terrorism- is against all norms and nature of America. Identifying the Muslim majority countries with terrorism by the American President is sheer injustice to humanity. All Muslims cannot be labeled as terrorists. Leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan out of the purview of ban has immediately drawn the attention of the world. As Pakistan has been the breeding ground of terrorism and America's most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was killed by American forces in his hideout in Abotabad in Pakistan, had taken asylum there five years ago, the pressure appeared to have mounted on President Trump to take action against it. Pakistan feeling the pressure arising out of President Trump's action of banning the entry of the citizens from 7 Muslim countries in the name of terrorism, acted against India's most wanted terrorist Jama-Ud-Dawa boss and Mumbai attack mastermind, Hafiz Sayeed. He was detained and put under house arrest. Feeling the mood of President Trump about action against terrorism and the countries which are alleged to have aided and abetted it, Pakistan at least ostensibly acted against the most wanted terrorist Hafiz Sayeed to show President Trump that they are dealing with terrorism heavy handedly. To fight against terrorism is good not only for the Americans but also the entire humanity. But to ban immigrants is not only detrimental to the interest of America but also the talented people of any field all over the world. With taking charge of the presidency, Donald Trump immediately ordered for the construction of wall on the border with Mexico to ban its citizens to enter America. All the measures that President Trump is taking were promised to the people by him during the electioneering of Presidential elections. America cannot retrieve its glorious past by giving the narrow account of itself through narrow measures. Though there has been strong opposition from the American IT giants Google, Apple, Facebook and civil society members on a large scale, President Trump is required to give a re-thinking on his executive orders. IT sector in India will also be hit hard immediately if President Trump moved ahead with the move to play on the emotions of Americans by showing that he is the only saviour of theirs and he will certainly make America great again. There is no wrong in pursuing the policy of 'America First'. But it does not mean that the fundamental character of the country should be curtailed. America has been the torch bearer of globalized world. In the given situation, President Trump's order of banning the citizens of 7 Muslim countries to enter America goes against its foundation.

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