Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conserve water for life

Water is life. Without water, life is impossible and future is doomed. With this, it can be easily imagined how happy Latur residents would be to hear about a train reaching them with six lakh litres of water. Latur is facing worst ever drought. It is not only human beings but also the domestic animals are facing the acute scarcity of water. Their grazing ground has also parched. A terrible crisis for all living beings exists there. It is joy and happiness for the people and also commendable on the part of state and Central governments that train with six lakh litres of water has reached the parching and drying Latur district of Maharashtra. The scarcity of water in the district has been its perennial problem. The people living in urban and rural areas has been facing acute problem of water scarcity. It becomes more aggravating in summer. The ground water level is going deeper and deeper because water is drawn from under the ground water on large scale for irrigation purposes. The water mafia also draws underground water illegally. That is why the scarcity of ground water is acute in Latur. Men, women and children have to walk four to five kilometers to bring water. It is not a day's development, but illegal water trade has been going on without any check. Water gives life. No life is possible. So, govt. and social organization must launch vigorous campaign of awareness about conserving water. At the same time the govt. of India must learn from Israel how to conserve water for drinking. Every human being has right to access to drinking water. Govt. of the day must ensure the availability of drinking water to one and all. Merely blaming the previous govt. for the acute scarcity of water can not serve the purpose. Water is invaluable. With train reaching Latur district, every resident beamed with happiness and joy. It is also necessary to launch awareness against misuse of water. Today's water is tomorrow's life. So if humanity is to exist, water must be there. There is a prime necessity of drinking water drought hit areas in other parts of the country also. Water must be made available by the govt. at all cost. Whether the govt. manages to supply drinking water through taps or by trains with abundance of water to the people, it is accountable to them to do. The entire Latur district is full of joy and happiness to see the train with eight wagons of drinking water. It is better if the state and the Central governments tried to evolve permanent solutions to the drinking water problems. Two to three years of deficient rains have made the situation of crisis grimmer and grimmer. It is because of climate change that what people are witnessing is erratic monsoon for the last few consecutive years. Many states have experienced draught condition and very scanty rains. It is good that Maharashtra government has lifted section 144 of CrPC in Latur, now people have started co-operating and the fights over water have stopped. Latur has been facing a severe water shortage this year. ‘water train’ with 10 wagons carrying water for parched Latur in Marathwada region, which is battling the worst drought ever, on Monday left from Miraj in western Maharashtra. With the city needing 20 mullion litres of water each day, the railways and the state government have big task at hand.

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