Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pray for brave Hanamanthappa's speedy recovery

Nation prays for its brave son Hanamanthappa's speedy recovery. It is his bravery that he snatched life from the claws of death. The guts, grit, determination, courage and zeal to fight against all odds in the service of the nation have helped Lance Naik Hanaman-thappa survive the Avalanche at 2000 ft high on Siachen glacier after being put under 35 ft of snow at the day temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius and night below minus 55 degrees. He was under the 30-35ft snow for five days. It is miracle that he survived after being hit by avalanche of this magnitude. There were 10 army men along with Hanamanthappa who were hit by the avalanche and immediately put under 35 ft of snow at Siachen glacier. All but Hanamathappa died. Siachen is not only India's but also the world's most difficult terrain where the brave Jawans and officers of Indian army at the cost of their lives keep the national flying. In the most inclement weather condition where all around only the snow cover is seen, it is not possible for the general people to face the cold of this type as prevails on Siachen. The weather is so inclement and adverse for habitation that more than thousand Army personnel, including 33 officers have died on duty so far there due to the prevailing adverse weather condition. Siachen is a large tract of hilly terrain covered with snow at the height of 2000ft. It was lying unclaimed before 1984, but it was very important strategically for India from security point of view. First, Siachen attracted the attention of Pak Army General Zia-ur-Rahman of Pakistan. Realizing the bone melting cold condition at Siachen, he ordered for the purchase of uniform from European country to be worn by his soldiers. When India got scent of it, alarm bell rang in the government establishment and it was decided to depute the personnel of Indian army at Siachen to keep it under its control at all costs. Since then it is in India's possession and the Indian army keeps constant vigil on Siachen glacier to thwart any attempt of the hostile neighbours to grab it. Siachen is highly important for the security reasons for the nation. That is why despite the excessively cold environment on it, army personnel deputed their never distract their attention even for a second. They are deputed there at Siachen glacier in rotation. One regiment of the army is given three months of patrolling. The condition of Lance Naik Hanaman-thappa continues to remain very critical and he is still ventilator dependent. But the valiant effort that he made to defeat even the death is not only praise worthy but also memorable for others. The entire nation prays for the speedy recovery of its brave son. Hananmanthappa’s rigorous training strengthened him so much so that he acclimatized himself to the most adverse weather condition for five days under 35ft snow. It was the god sent air bag that kept him alive. Hanamanthappa was also a Yoga trainer for the jawans of his regiment. He had demonstrated and provided Yoga training at Siachen glacier on the international Yoga Day. It is the grace of almighty God that Hanamathappa was found alive even after being stuck under 35 ft of snow for days. He is undergoing treatment at the Army's Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi. All of us wish him get well speedily.

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