Monday, January 19, 2015

Consolidate the favourable condition

India is the next door neighbour and one of the closest friends of Sri Lanka. The outgoing regime of Rajpakse, which was tilted in favour of China against the interest of India, after the defeat at the hands of opposition leader Maithripala Sirisena, who is considered to be pursuing foreign policy that would not go against the interest of India. Though India had no role in the elections of Sri Lanka in which outgoing President Rajpakse failed to get back into power for the third consecutive time with his defeat at the hands of Sirisena. India has vital interest in Sri Lanka. A large number of Tamils of Indian origin are living in Sri Lanka. India would never like any country at any cost to enter Sri Lanka to set its foot there to pursue its interest. During the outgoing regime of Rajpakse, China had got free pass in Sri Lanka and it also protected its interest with an intention of hurting India. It is the vital position of Sri Lanka for India from many points of view that our former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi had sent Indian Peace Keeping Force there despite fierce domestic opposition and inviting the wrath of LTTE, the dreaded Terrorist organization fighting for the cause of a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka. Though Rajpakse regime dealt highhandedly with the Tamils on the one hand and encouraged Sinhalese to go on rampage against them, the Sirisena government appears to be striking a balance and bring all kinds of injustice and corruption of the previous government to an end. The eviction order of Station Chief of India's external spy agency issue reportedly by the Rajpakse regime because of the alleged encouragement to opposition in elections by India has no takers. India has never interfered in the internal affairs of any of its neighbour. But at the same time, India must be vigilant enough to keep its own space and foothold in neighbourhood protected so that no outside power could influence the rulers of the neighbouring countries. India has long coastal line with Sri Lanka. In the given situation, entrance to the sea in Sri Lanka by any other distant neighbour is detrimental to the interest of India. It must not be allowed. It would only be possible when the ruler of that neighbouring country is friendly and favourable. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed his inclination of promoting friendly relations with all since the day of his swearing-in ceremony and the warmth with which External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has greeted her Sri Lanka counterpart Mangala Sarmaraweera, the relation with the neighbours especially Sri Lanka is bound to be strengthened.

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