Monday, July 7, 2014

First big test for Modi begins With the beginning of the Budget session of Parliament, the first big test of the newly elected Narendra Modi-led NDA government begins. The first day of the Budget session witnessed the ruckus created by the Opposition Congress and other parties over the issues of price rise and railway fare hike. Congress MPs rushed to the well to demand adjournment motion over price hike. The opposition members were so agitated and vociferous over the issues that the Speaker had to adjourn the Lok Sabha for the day. The scene that was witnessed in the Lok Sabha is not new. When BJP was in opposition, it had also created ruckus and bedlam in the Parliament on most of the days over same issue in the last 10 years during Congress-led UPA government. Now the Congress is in opposition and the BJP is in power so it is facing the same situation in Parliament from the beginning itself. Neither the ruling BJP nor the opposition Congress-led UPA loses anything and the ultimate looser is only the people of the nation and the national exchequer. Congress-led Opposition wanted to discuss the issue of price rise under adjournment motion as it is directly affecting the day to day lives of the poor people. The momentum of price rise of all essential commodities, including food items picked up during the previous UPA government is now getting speedier and speedier without any check. People are being burdened in the same way as in the previous government. So they find no difference between the two governments. They are confused which one of two is lesser evil. The all round rise in prices has made the lives of the poor very difficult. A sense of betrayal is being felt by the people because the Narendra Modi's promise of Ache Din (Good Days) appears to be in far distant. The people have also started saying that Ache Din for BJP leaders has come, when will it come for them? Modi-led NDA government hiked rail fare and freight before the budget session to avoid embarrassment in the Parliament. If the behaviour of the opposition Congress party inside and outside on the first day of Budget session is anything to go by, Narendra Modi-led NDA government must not make mistake of taking the opposition lightly. The action of the Congress party clearly showed that it was very much concerned with the common men's problems and it would never be found lacking in grilling the government on the issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must realize that the people saw in him their hope and aspiration. That is why they gave him massive mandate rule in the hope that he would bring relief for them. Now it is up to his government to deliver on the promises without any loss of time. The issues of price rise and rail fare hike have disrupted proceedings in Lok Sabha on the opening day of the Budget session on Monday with Opposition insisting on a discussion on the matter through adjournment motions.

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